The need and working of a flashback arrestor

Published: 27th May 2011
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It is known to everyone that welding operations involve large amount of mixture of flammable gases and flames so that it can high degree of temperatures can be achieved. But during the process the chances of flames to go back into the cylinder ids very high for this reason people use flashback arrestors so that this can be properly checked and for the prevention of an unwanted explosion

In any condition when oxygen is united with a fuel gas for the reason of welding, the risk of a flashback is very high. Therefore, flashback arrestors are an indispensable safety feature for this sort of gear; whether on a separate level where a hand-functioned acetylene welding torch is being employed.

Flashback happens when the blaze from a torch reverses path and climbs back into the gear toward the tube and cylinders. When this happens, it can trigger the gases within the tube to combust. If the blazes reach the chamber, it can result in an outburst.

Some of the conditions that can lead to the incidence of a flashback comprise:

• An unevenness of pressure between oxygen and vapour within the gear, which occurs usually when the torch starts up or shut down.

• An obstacle in the tip of the tube.

• Leaks in the gear.

• Improper speed of oxygen flow.

• Getting the flame too close to the welding or cutting surface.

Oxygen itself is not combustible. But when joint with a fuel gas the mixture becomes highly flammable. However, if a fuel gas goes empty through a welding or cutting process, even the least presence of gas or oxygen will donate a combustion danger. Therefore, it is fundamental to maintain a good combination of oxygen and gas as well as to uninterruptedly check tank capacities and flow pressures.

Flashback arrestors are intended to prevent a flame or combusted gas from flowing back into the oxygen-fuel gas system. Erected accordingly dependent on the objective and size of the action, Flashback Arrestors are constructed to stop and quench flames. In circumstances where gas flow opposites direction, these extinguish inward flames using a procedure of heat sensors, tricks and filters. So it is always suggested that the worker or the personnel use an arrestor before using a cylinder for welding purpose otherwise they will have to maintain regular check on the cylinder’s gas levels.

In accumulation to check regulators and flashback arrestors, a cautious inspection of an oxygen-fuel gas welding gear should be done before every use. Devotion to all safety necessities cannot be exaggerated when employed with the possibly deadly mixture of gases and flames!

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